The ancient Romans used to pass the time before dinner with alcohol and various appetizers. This convivial moment was called gustatio, the ancestor of our aperitif, a ritual every day to do in company. With the summer season just around the corner, habits and our needs have not changed and the desire to share moments together outdoors is back, to enjoy a good drink and eat in joy! Possibly accompanied by a beautiful sunset. The need for furniture suitable for outdoor environments, resistant to high temperatures and any summer rains, is growing more and more. Centrosedia is your ally and offers many solutions to furnish your place with style and quality. Customize your table with us, choosing the material, finishes and shapes you like best. To facilitate your choice, we show you some innovative materials available for outdoor tops.

LAMINATED LAMINATE HPL: CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE! Technical Description: HPL is a technically and aesthetically advanced material, consisting of sheets of kraft paper impregnated with thermosetting resins and an external layer – on both sides – of decorative paper impregnated with aminoplastic resins; combined together by means of high pressure (9 MPa) and high heat (150 ° C). Material particularly suitable for outdoor use. Choose the finish most in line with your outdoor environment from our collections on The finishes are present on both sides, available in plain color or in stone color, which guarantees a particular tactile effect. Bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors but also gardens and terraces will acquire a new, fresh, renovated and modern look. Our products are all Made in Italy, synonymous with reliability and durability. With its thin thickness of 10 or 12 millimeters, the top is suitable for sophisticated environments, in line with the most recent furnishing needs of international architects. We offer our customers the milling service: universal fixing system that allows easy attachment to most of the table bases on the market.

WERZALIT: THE IDEAL TOP FOR “OUTDOOR” TABLES It consists of a wooden support, coated with melamine sheets and thermosetting resins, factors that make it particularly resistant to shocks and atmospheric agents. Available with a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes, they are easy to clean and fulfill the hygienic requirements of professional gastronomy. For tables exposed directly to sunlight, we recommend using lighter decorations. Particularly suitable for outdoor. Attractive decorations, sun, rain, ashes, acids and fats, the table tops have to support everything and on those in werzalit everything passes without leaving any trace. They are almost insensitive to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses and require easy care and low maintenance. The smooth surface is easy to clean and fulfills the hygienic requirements of professional gastronomy. Customization with Customer Logo is available on request.

TEAK: A WILD TOUCH TO YOUR OUTSIDE! Teak is a high-quality tropical wood that is very durable and weather-resistant. To maintain the natural beauty of the wood over time, it is advisable to periodically treat the structure with products suitable for its care.